Budder by Prana Kitchen 111 (Review)


Prana Kitchen 111 is known for their range of delicious, local cashew cheezes. So naturally when I heard they’d released a palm oil free “Budder”, I needed to try it. I purchased this little bundle for $5.95 from Hearts Choices.


The ingredients list is short and simple, which I love. I was both surprised and not surprised to see cashews listed as an ingredient. 🙂

Toast with butter is one of my favourite comfort foods, so I was eager to try this on a slice of toasted bread; it spread nicely onto the toast and was the consistency of a soft butter.


And now for the part that I know you’re all here for: how does it taste? I think it’s pretty good. It’s got the familiar tang of their cashew cheeze, and the mouth feel is very similar to butter. But it does not taste like butter; there is a noticeable coconut undertone. On toast, the flavour is quite good, and it would be a great spread for banana bread or cinnamon swirl toast.


I used little to make a grilled Chao sandwich with tomato, and although it did brown the outside of the bread, there was a burnt residue from the cashews left in the bottom of the pan, and the coconut flavor was not complimentary at all. Budder would not be suitable for frying because of the residue it leaves.

I also tried it in baking, using the rest of the package as a coconut oil sub in a vegan apple crisp. This was delicious, and the Budder acted just like butter. However, for the price point, I will probably continue to use coconut oil and reserve Budder as a spread for toast.

My final verdict: it’s good, but it’s not butter. I wouldn’t recommend it for savory dishes. Baked well. Not suitable for frying, so it is not a complete vegan margarine substitute. 3 out of 5 stars.

Available at [Hearts Choices], $5.95 for approximately 70 grams.







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