Stampede Food Favourites (A Recipe Round-up)


Down at the Midway, just about everything is deep fried, sugar coated, and/or hickory smoked. Oh, and made with animal products. As with most of the Stampede, the food situation can be a nightmare for anyone who adheres to a vegan lifestyle. But whether you grew up in Calgary or were just a Stampede regular, those carnival flavours can be nostalgic, and sometimes you just really want to treat yourself.

The good news is that you can use plant products to recreate all the tastes of Stampede that taste just as decadent as their conventional counterparts. No health foods here; I repeat, these vegan versions are not healthy. They are, however, proof that you don’t have to sacrifice taste for compassion.

These Midway staples – BBQ, beer batter, mini donuts and lemonade – will definitely satisfy your cravings for all things carnival. Read on for the links to my favourites.

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