Big Things going on! Big Things!

We’re Getting a Makeover!

I started Vegan in YYC a little ways into my vegan journey. The year was 2016, and after initially feeling very alone trying to adhere to a vegan lifestyle, I made it my mission to highlight the growing vegan community for others that wanted to find it, and also highlight my love of food that was both delicious and contained 0 animal products.

A lot has happened in that period of time – Vegfests and markets, restaurants have opened (and sadly closed some) doors, bringing fresh new flavours and treats to the city. There was also that super weird period between 2020-2022 that I think left all of us a little bruised and confused, and some of us may still be in the midst of recovering from it.

My personal life had a complete overhaul, and there was a period of time when I considered deleting this blog altogether. After my divorce, I was very unsure of myself and my place in the world, including my contributions to the vegan community. My personal life was in pieces and I was given an opportunity to decide what kind of a life I wanted to build with them, and everything over here stayed mostly quiet while I tried to decide what I wanted to do.

Ultimately I’ve decided I want the blog to continue, but I definitely want to clean up some things and give it a fresh start. The website itself feels old and foreign, and even some of the posts feel like they were written by somebody else. So I thank you in advance for your patience while I complete this spring cleaning and do a big-relaunch before summer.

I’m incredibly grateful to all of the people who have played a part in my journey, and especially so to those who are still here now. I’m feel very fortunate to have your support and I hope you’ll continue onto this next chapter with me. For all Vegan in YYC updates, please join my mailing list, and be sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and other socials coming soon!

See you soon!
XO Ksenia